Christian recovery from mental illness, childhood sexual abuse, and addtiction

What is life in recovery?

Life in recovery. It means an end to self-hate. It’s an end to PTSD symptoms and it’s finding mental health. It’s a relationship with God that completely shifts your perspective. Selfish ways and victim-mentality will disappear. It means no longer being haunted by anxiety and nightmares about childhood sexual abuse. Recovery is about being of service to God and to others. It’s about strength and hope. It’s not a pipe dream. It’s real.

A little more than six months ago I was at my rock bottom. An emotional and spiritual bottom. I increased my life insurance and prayed for guidance…how to end my life but make it look like an accident? I couldn’t go on. The thought of waking up another day and facing these demons was too much. I reached my end. But God stepped in. He offered me an opportunity to go to a rehab facility – with the support of my family. They didn’t give up on me. Even at my worst, they offered me one more opportunity to heal. It’s time to share my stories of survival and redemption – of hope and love. Pass it along.

Spiritual Recovery 101 is a place of honesty and support. Real stories, real experiences…education and resources. Please see that you’re not alone.

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